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24 Kilates and Reebok Return With a new F.C.V.K Pack
Release: 15 December 2018

Back in 2010, 24 Kilates and Reebok teamed up creating the F.C.V.K pack and now, eight years later, they are following it up with volume two. While this new edition of the pack still derives its inspiration from soccer culture, instead of the game played on a pitch, this one pays homage to the game played on a table. Universally known around the world as Classic Nylon 2 and 4 on the heels, and branded laces. The two pairs of green and white, and red and white Classic Nylons have also been given a matching tracksuit.

The home pair, the away pair, and the matching tracksuit will all be available at 24 Kilates on December 15.

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